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How You Feel Actually Matters Most

Wellness Workshops

The workshops include an IMI Fitness Experience, an introduction discussion and Q&A session, and also can cover the following topics:

  • Integrative Health - Why it matters
  • Fitness - What comes up as barriers
  • Nutrition - A reasonable approach
  • Stress - How to really deal instead of distract

The conversation is why emotional intelligence matters. The topics of physical fitness (and the resistance to it), nutrition (and the barriers from it), and coping with stress (not avoiding or numbing it).

Let us know the setting, size and special needs of your women's group and we will provide you with a customized wellness workshop.


The emotions are the messenger. Emotions reveal our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. And the body is an expression of the mental and emotional aspects of a person.

How can we positively influence and develop emotional intelligence (EI) for overall health? 

Hint, through the body, the mind, and the emotions, with support and reflection. The IMI Experience makes an impact in developing EI.


In a world full of distractions and a myriad of ways to numb-out and avoid handling the challenges in life, what are ways to support young people in helping them cope with day-to-day and deep stressors in their reality?

Hint, fitness, nutrition, and self-awareness.

Let us elaborate in a discussion about our empowering techniques to nurture and support your youth to give them the tools they need to thrive as healthy-functioning adults.


What exactly upholds true health in the physical body?

Our feelings, our thoughts, and our core beliefs.

By learning awareness of our feelings, our thoughts, and our core beliefs, the body becomes the foundation of accessing and understanding ourselves.

This is the Integrative Health philosophy at it's center. It is vital to healthy and whole development and emotional maturity.  All parts effect the whole; we are complex beings. Wellness is multi-faceted, but simpler than you might realize.

Our approach demonstrates it.

Moving the wellness movement