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Integrated Youth Fitness

Customized Fitness for Youth

Tension Release & Self-Expression

The Intuitive Movement Integration Experience is a customized for children ages 12 and up. Whether in group homes, in school or after-school programs, they will enjoy and benefit from the pioneering IMI fitness class.

Such a simply class teaches and reveals so much. Our classes allow youth to tune-in and connect with themselves, become aware of and correct posture imbalances, release stress and tension safely and boost self-confidence and energy levels.

This unique, low-impact approach is excellent for young people with experience with trauma, addiction, anxiety and depression. Its "no-force" compassionate dynamic fosters self-love and resilience of their own "inner-critic". These are invaluable and powerful self-awareness tools for people about to enter the "real world" of adulthood.

Let us know the setting and size of your group and we will provide you with a customized fitness program for your growing young people.


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