Wellness for Women

through Intuitive Movement

Planting the seeds of self-awareness

How We Feel Matters

Group fitness is a very special dynamic, and when that group is exclusively women (and all people who identify as women) there is very powerful supportive energy.

The Intuitive Movement Training Method is designed to be quickly learned and practiced solo at home or anywhere.

The Intuitive Movement Integration Fitness Experience (IMI) is a profoundly integrative exercise experience that uses simple dance movement, body-awareness exercises, gentle stretching and mindfulness to foster the mind-body re-connection. In a culture that lives and thrives in the hamster wheel of our "heads", to get back into the body is to come back to our long lost "home". Women are called to love their bodies, and through that self-love, emotional and mental healing is simultaneously experienced.

Many women are so resistant to exercise because they have become accustomed to self-neglect, often layered with shame, and guilt of how our bodies are "supposed to be".

What if we learned to love ourselves exactly as we are TODAY? 

What if women were a source of support, instead of jealousy? 

It's time to make fitness accessible to the women who need it the most, the ones who are tired, lethargic, depressed, or isolated. This class is also perfect for women who love to dance and women who wish they could dance, but don't!

The class begins with breath-work and posture awareness exercises, moves into range of motion exercises and SIMPLE dance movements, head-to-toe stretching and is completed with an appreciation stillness exercise. The format is designed for women to take back home, into their living rooms to practice any piece of it in privacy. The format is that simple to remember and that effortless.

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