Empowering Women

the Gentle Approach

Out of the Mind & Into the Body

Just breathe.

Truly, magic happens when we create safe space for women to grow self-awareness, self-preservation and strength.

A non-judgmental atmosphere is key in exploring the shadowy aspects of where we feel uncomfortable inside our bodies. We hurt but we don't know why. We numb the pain all too often.  Self-neglect only makes matters worse and worse.

If you and your community can't bear the discomfort of another unused gym membership or a disappointing nutritional program, our approach will inspire and bring hope.

Having honest conversation and observation about what blocks us from loving our "vessels" uplifts the women who are averted by traditional exercise. All too often, trauma and excessive criticism keep women from taking care of their bodies. Our work is to illuminate what blocks we have from our self-care and loving ourselves back to wellness.

Lisa Lent leads her classes and workshops with distinct compassion and a gentle encouragement that enables women to befriend their "inner-critic" which often intrudes upon self-acceptance of where we are TODAY.

Self-love is a habit that requires practice in a safe space when we weren't raised with such kindness and consideration.

The Intuitive Movement Training Method is designed to be quickly learned and practiced solo at home or anywhere.

Let us know the setting and size of your women's group. Contact us for a consultation.


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