Through The Physical Body

The Body Speaks, Listen.


"The issue is in the tissue" is a common phrase among the holistic health community.

"We must feel to heal" is another understanding among recovery communities.

To safely and compassionately release emotions and traumas stored in the body, we must feel a level of trust around us and within us.

Our massage and fitness services create a comforting and nurturing environment in order for people to explore and release in such a way that feels effortless and without shame.

The Intuitive Movement Training Method is designed to be quickly learned and practiced solo at home or anywhere.

Contact us to design the right wellness package for your clients and patients.

"She understands the energetic field." -Bill W.

"A wonderful and freeing way to move." - Felicia A.

"A fun way to combine exercise and dancing." - Jane D.


The Body Speaks, Listen.