Align The Body, Align the Life

Your posture is your unspoken message.

Posture tells all.  Truth be told, alignment isn't instant, it lies in a steady commitment to awareness of how you hold yourself. It's key to stop judging how we are now, to love ourselves into feeling better. 

You can change your posture by changing how you feel.  How do you do that? You change your position, which changes the way you feel. Even a moment of intentional change of position will begin to shift feelings and emotions.  Think "Fake it, til you make it."

Awareness is the first step to wellness.

It's important to have a healthy connection to our physical bodies to have a good life. It is an epidemic that people feel disjointed and out of touch with their bodies.  Wellness is now a social movement; and a personal shift in how people relate to their bodies. No one does it alone. Support along the way is essential to our good health.  Finding the right team to inspire commitment in ourselves is key to our well being.  

The same miraculous force that created your body is the same energy that heals it.  As we learn new healthy routines we feel better, we grow in our confidence, we feel more vitality, we get better and we become our greatest selves. Our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual parts are all interconnected and are deeply effected by one another.

How you feel matters, more than you may realize. 

Lisa Lent is a proud educator of this concept, as it has transformed her life.  She inspires other's through her personal experience and sharing the essential message:  "The body heals itself, all we need to do is learn how to get out of our own way and create healthful habits, unlearning what no longer serves us. All we need to begin with is a belief that it's possible."  

Your body contains all the information to change it for the better, just ask, and listen to what it tells you. 

Your life is your message.  What do you want it to be?

Why Movement Is The Medicine

Integrative Healing | The Heart Space | New Milford, CT

Once circulation starts flowing and we feel more aware of our bodies and start feeling relief and improvement, we naturally want to take better care of ourselves through gentle exercise. Commitment starts with a desire to feel better more consistently, knowing we deserve to feel better as often as possible.

Kindness will get us much further than brute force and having goals that make us feel bad about ourselves as our bodies are. We may need more strength or flexibility, but we need to appreciate our bodies to feel better about ourselves.

If the thought of Boot Camp makes you cringe, you might love a gentle approach to getting exercise into your lifestyle.

Movement is medicine, massage is passive movement! So many people learn self-care through massage to reconnect with their body. Massage inspires more movement, which inspires better self-care, and so it goes. 

But if massage isn't how you want to begin your integrative and holistic wellness journey, you can begin with a discussion about getting inspired and prepared for you this next chapter in your life. Contact us to request an Integrative Wellness Consultation. Baby steps are still steps forward! Having the desire for improvement, wanting to feel better, curiosity and courage to learn new things is all that one needs to start their wellness journey.

Training & Coaching Pricing

Learn to read what your body is saying.

  • How do you hold your body now?
  • How do you begin to move towards having better posture and feeling better everyday?

An integrative posture and wellness consultation offers awareness, outlines personal goals, and provides step-by-step new exercises, stretches, and habits for healthful body alignment and wellness. 

5-10 minute consultations are complementary with any massage.

30-45 minute consultation $50

On-site consultations (home or office) are available upon request after initial consultations.

Intuitive Movement Integration (IMI)

A unique, self-expressive, empowerment class that gently improves posture, flexibility, and overall vitality using the integrative power of dance movement. This "effortless exercise" routine was designed by Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Group Fitness Instructor Lisa Lent, to help inspire her clients to get moving, making it joyously simple for people to improve their body mechanics and practice easy posture-improving habits while developing comfort in "one's own skin", boosting confidence and endorphins instantly without pain or pressure. Like massage, her exercise class is another gateway to self-care and the realization that through body awareness, we just simply start to feel better. 

The IMI Class teaches body-awareness with an emphasis on ease,  simplicity and gently increasing the body's endorphins.  Sending supportive self-accepting messages "as we are" today, seeing and feeling steady posture and flexibility improvement over time.

Classes are currently offered through occasional workshops. Inquire for more information.