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The Art of Integrative Healing

Integration is learning we are not an island and our "parts" all work in unison. Our bodies are connected to our mind and our emotions. Our spine responds to our posture. Our hands and feet show the kind of lifestyle we lead. Why does this matter? Why do YOU matter?

Integration is learning that we can't live in our minds indefinitely. We have to get out of our heads and into our hearts and bodies, or we suffer the consequences of illnesses, be they mental, emotional, or physical. 

"Let's support, serve, and celebrate ourselves and each other. What else is there to do?" - Lisa Lent, LMT

Lisa Lent is living proof that through personal holistic health management, wellness is achieved, instead of relying on treating the symptoms through traditional medicine.  

Her life's work is an account of the transformative power aligning with the voice of heart, and learning to trust one's own "gut", a.k.a. the intuition.  Development and practice of the posture-improving habits and consistently applying basic accountability/empowerment philosophies, Lisa reveals the power of an integrative approach to wellness. 

Your life is your message. 

What do you want to share with your world? 

Integration: Making You Matter

Why does making yourself a real priority actually matter?

When we get into the habit of making ourselves a priority, we feel better about every aspect of our lives . It's a new habit for many, the habit of thinking and believing that we matter just as much the as everything else in our lives. 

The body IS the expression of the subconscious mind and the heart carries the pulse of our emotions. Therefore, integration equals wellness. Support is critical to making it all happen. 

The chakra system is a perfect metaphor for integrative wellness. 

The Crown Chakra – Spirituality – Just above your head
The Third Eye Chakra – Awareness – Located in your forehead
The Throat Chakra – Communication – Located in the throat
The Heart Chakra – Love & Healing – In your Chest
The Solar Plexus – Wisdom & Power – Base of your ribcage
The Sacral Chakra – Creativity & Sexuality – Belly
The Base/Root Chakra – Trust – Groin

How you feel matters most. How you feel is really everything!

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