We are All Works In Progress

Integrative Healing is an Art

Integration is learning we are not an island. We need support to bring change into our world. Support by those who understand, who are skilled, who are experienced, and who are humble enough to ask for help themselves when they need it. No one has all the answers. Not even you. 

No one can do it all alone. That's the biggest part of learning. We need help, as hard as it may sometimes be to admit it.  Integration is learning that we can't live in our heads forever. We have to get out of our heads and into our hearts and bodies, or we suffer the consequences of illnesses, be they mental, emotional, or physical. 

"We are here to support, serve, and celebrate ourselves and eachother. That's why we're here." - Lisa Lent, LMT

Your life is your message. Lisa learned this and now advocates it.  She is living proof that through personal holistic health management, wellness is achieved, instead of relying on treating the symptoms through traditional medicine.  Believing something can be done is necessary to go beyond the accepted and fragmented perspective of modern medicine. 

Her life's work is an account of the trans-formative power aligning with the voice of heart, and learning to trust one's own "gut", a.k.a. the intuition.  Development and practice of the posture-improving habits and consistently applying basic accountability/empowerment philosophies, Lisa has improved her spine and overall wellness significantly since she began while in massage school in 2009.

You can feel better, the body heals itself when given the right information and when we change our lives for the better. 

Integration: Making You Matter

Our choices guide our priorities.

We feel better about every aspect of our lives when we get into the habit of making ourselves a priority. It's a new habit for many, the habit of thinking and believing that we matter just as much the as other many important people and things in our lives. 

The body IS the expression of the mind, the heart carries the pulse of our emotions. Integration equals wellness. No one can do that without support, not even Superman.

So, all hero's have help. We humble ourselves when we learn we do to, so we can be a hero of our own life, as well as those who rely on us.

How you feel matters most. How you feel is everything. True health is holistic integration. The chakra system demonstrates this perfectly.

chakra wall self-care

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