Intuitive Movement Integration

Effortless Exercise

Low-Impact Somatic Exercise

Effective & Powerful Fitness

Instantly boost energy levels and while releasing tension.

Somatic in nature, this low-impact, effortless approach feels like nothing but fun for anyone at any level of fitness.

With this simplistic and innovative approach, the Intuitive Movement Integration (IMI) Experience, you will learn safe range-of-motion and stretching techniques. Using the joy of dance movement, we will guide to through a low-impact and deeply invigorating head-to-toe workout which is closed with a short mediation practice.

The power of group fitness brings socialization, in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere. Then, take what you've learned into the privacy of your own home.  It's that simply formatted.

Contact us to learn more about the gentle, but powerful IMI fitness experience.  Try one class and you'll see all it has to offer your group.

The Intuitive Movement Training Method is designed to be quickly learned and practiced at home or anywhere.

"Fabulous Class. I always feel so great after.” - Valorie K

“This was fantastic! So much fun that I barely realized I was actually getting a workout...this is so right up my alley.” -Carisa M

“The class was amazing. Good to know there is a class for all shapes of people to participate in. Had a blast.” - Janine B 

The Intuitive Movement Integration Fitness Experience (IMI) is a profoundly integrative exercise experience that uses simple dance movement, body-awareness exercises, gentle stretching and mindfulness to foster the mind-body re-connection. In a culture that lives and thrives in the hamster wheel of our "heads", to get back into the body is to come back to our long lost "home", our bodies.

We CAN learn to love ourselves exactly as we are TODAY.  The boost of endorphins is the magic ingredient to feeling better. No force necessary. 

It's time to make fitness accessible to the people who need it the most, the ones who are tired, lethargic, depressed, or isolated. This class is also perfect for people who love to dance and those who wish they could dance, but don't!

The class begins with breath-work and posture awareness exercises, moves into range of motion exercises and SIMPLE dance movements, head-to-toe stretching and is completed with an appreciation stillness exercise. The format is designed to take back home, into their living rooms to practice any piece of it in privacy. The format is that simple to remember and that effortless.

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