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About Lisa Lent, LMT


Lisa is certified by The Aerobics & Fitness Association of America and licensed by The States of Connecticut and New York for Massage Therapy.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy & Administration from Binghamton University.

Her degree in Massage Therapy is from New York College of Health Professions.

Her goals are to inspire commitment to self-care with gentle awareness and ease, helping to improve posture and minimizing pain by practicing new healthy habits.

Lisa's specialties include posture & body mechanics education, body awareness empowerment demonstrated through the joy of movement.

Trained in Modern, Ballet, and Jazz from childhood until College, Lisa uses dance and stretching as her outlet for exercise, stress-relief, and vitality. She also writes and performs her original poetry relating to her life's work of personal empowerment and holistic health.

Other licenses and certifications include Reiki & Integrative Energy Therapies and Prenatal Massage.

How We Feel Matters: Walking The Talk

Lisa became a massage therapist partly because she herself has suffered from chronic neck and lower back pain. She manages her advanced osteoarthritis in her neck without drugs with minimal flare-ups, by practicing the consistent self-care habits of massage, range of motion exercises and stretching.

Her slogan "The Body Speaks, Love it and Listen" is a testament to her own personal experience of learning to listen to the messages of the body, enjoying the great rewards of self-healing through awareness, self-responsibility, and empowerment.