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What Is Intuitive Movement?


Ironically, a simple integrative, therapeutic movement education class is not easily defined.

A class to gently improve posture, flexibility, and overall vitality with the integrative power of dance and dance-oriented stretches. This "effortless exercise" routine was designed by Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Group Fitness Instructor Lisa Lent, to improve her own posture and alleviate her chronic muscular tension, as well as help inspire her clients to improve their body mechanics and practice easy posture-improving habits. With an emphasis on ease and simplicity, increasing endorphins with her Intuitive Movement Class, teaches body-awareness and self-appreciation, loving ourselves we are today, seeing and feeling steady posture and flexibility improvement over time. 


Imagine effortless exercise. No pushing, only going with your own flow.  Facilitated by a supportive, non-judgmental, reassuring and knowledgeable instructor who walk's her talk!

Designed as a beginner class for those who hate to exercise and for those who like to dance (even if only secretly), and those who want to learn more about better posture, body-mechanics and proper stretching, at any age. If you hate to push yourself but want to get moving to feel better instantly, give this fun class a go.

This class is designed to be incredibly easy to follow along.  Free flowing and fun, experiencing the powerful positive connection between movement and mood.

Some Instant Benefits:

  • Appreciation of Self, as you are TODAY. Actively practicing kindness to yourself through a supportive, positive environment, doing EASY & FUN movements. Once movement begins, endorphins in the body elevate your mood. This is how wellness is maintained.
  • Honoring how YOU move, and being OK with it.
  • Bringing awareness to your posture, accepting it, while gently practicing habits that can improve it.
  • Strengthening core, with ease.
  • Stretching education and maintenance. (and crucial to release daily muscle tension.)
  • Integrative Body Therapy. A conditioning of Mind, Body, and Spirit for feeling better AS YOU ARE NOW, by bringing enjoyment as an integral part of exercise.

This is a radical notion that kindness will get us much further than brute force and having goals that make us feel where we are now is unacceptable. If the thought of Boot Camp makes you cringe, you might love this approach to getting exercise a part of your lifestyle.

For so many, “working out” is a boring chore. Group exercise is so effective for many people because the energy in the room is motivating and inspiring.

Feeling better with ease; this class proves that exercise doesn’t have to hurt to be good for you. Self-acceptance, self-love, and self-care all require a kindness.


In 2015, Lisa Lent, LMT designed this class, inspired by her clients and her own evolution of posture-awareness, movement and holistic health. She started offering the class in 2016, sharing what she’s learned and what has worked for her.  Offering this group class is her way of getting her own exercise in while helping others to do the same!  She believes that just getting moving and proper stretching is ENOUGH to feel good and be healthy. Being hard on one’s self with criticism isn’t very helpful for most people, this class is a practice in kindness to self.

At the end of 2017, Lisa became a Certified Group Fitness Instructor to teach what she has learned herself, sharing her message and model of self-care. Her work as a highly trained and licensed Massage Therapist since 2011 has inspired her to share her adoration of movement and posture awareness to create this new, simple, and direct approach to getting good and effective exercise to achieve wellness with immediacy. 

To learn more about how Intuitive Movement came to be, click on the Bio page.