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Art of Life - We are Works In Progress


Lisa is a holistic health advocate and is living proof that through personal holistic health management better health is achieved, instead of relying on treating the symptoms through traditional medicine.

Through her development of the posture-improving habits and consistantly applying her accountability/empowerment philosophies, she is improving her health. This is her message to the world, you can feel better, the body heals itself when given the right information and when we change our lives for the better.

Her massage work, poetry, and movement work is a testament to the powerful transformation of learning to listen to one's own heart, and learning to trust one's own intuition.

Her philosophy is this:

We each have a canvas in this lifetime. We can choose what to put on our canvas. Our choices guide our priorities. With all the distractions abound, to make ourselves a priority, to matter just as much as other important things, is where the beauty ignites the soul, coloring the canvas of our lives, exactly, how we see fit. Each and every life is a creative artwork and an expression of the Great Divine.

We are all works in progress.. from the inside, out.