The Body Speaks, Listen

Breathe in deeply, get out of your mind and into your body. 

Balance begins right there. 

Everything is connected; the body, the mind, and the emotions each greatly influence our health as a whole.

The professional and highly customized, therapeutic massage experience can provide the relief you ache for.

The intuitively gifted licensed massage therapist and innovative group fitness facilitator, Lisa Lent provides stress reduction through massage and movement education unlike any other. 

She leads with her compassion and her experienced and skilled hands give you the treatment that is anything but "cookie cutter".  

 Are ready to relax, tune in to yourself and start receiving the relief you need and deserve?

Tune in to you: Massage is the gateway to balanced wellness.

Posture Training & Coaching | The Heart Space | Brookfield, CT

In today's world, it's all too easy to be distracted away from how we feel and ignore important pain signals from our bodies. However, pain is a powerful message from the body, telling you to pay attention and tune in.

Stress-management is very relevant now, for good reason. Managing stress is critical, it's now proven that unresolved stress is the main source of more than 80% of all diseases. It's time to handle this epidemic, one person at a time; restoring balance and sanity.

You can not give from an empty cup, but you try! Until you get sick, or hurt yourself. At that point, your body saying "enough is enough", taking the rest and recovery it desperately needs. Your body screams at you to slow down and rest. When is the right time to respond?

All too often, people put their own needs to the back burner, and then are surprised to feel exhausted, depleted or sick. Wellness results when we balance giving to others and giving to self.

Self-care is self-preserving and critical to manage your pain and stress to live a happier, satisfying, and longer life.

Learn more about the history of massage.


Balanced Wellness

Lisa Lent, LMT is skilled and experienced in relieving chronic neck, lower back, and hip pain and muscular tension, migraines and tension headaches. Her therapeutic treatments help reduce stress and anxiety, and alleviates persistent arthritic pain.

"Ask and ye shall receive."

Communication is a big part of wellness and massage is where to practice receiving the treatment you want.  

No person is the same, so not one massage treatment is the same with her Intuitive Massage.  Lisa Lent reads with their hands, and gives a customized therapeutic bodywork to each unique client. 

Body Mechanics & Posture Awareness

The Intuitive Movement Integration Experience

An Invitation: Align The Body, Align the Life

Hate to exercise? Yoga hurts, the gym is a nightmare, and you hate to push yourself to "exercise? What if exercise was simple, straight-forward, easy, and fun and because it was all these things, was great for you and produced real results of wellness? 

Gently improve posture, flexibility, and overall vitality with the power of EASE.

Intuitive Movement Integration (IMI), is a simple fitness class that demonstrates better flexibility, posture principals and body mechanics. 

How you feel matters. It actually matters most. The body speaks, listen. Tune in through moving your body and align your life! 


We are All Works In Progress

Feeling ready to try a more holistic approach to what ails you?

Education is key to true wellness. The body is designed to heal itself, and knowledge is power!  Lisa Lent, LMT has the experience, education and training to support your path to integrative wellness. 

Caring about your body brings integration; harmonizing the mind, and soothing the heart. This is what "the mind-body connection" means, aka, Integrative Wellness. How you feel actually matters most, self-care begins here. 

With holistic wellness, it's best to be gentle and take baby steps all the way, no force or pushiness necessary. You set the pace. It's true, slow and steady wins the race! 

Lisa Lent, LMT

Lisa is an integrative wellness advocate and educator, a multi-faceted intuitive and therapeutic body worker. Her life's work is to promote health and wellness through empowering movement and excellent therapeutic massage treatments. She alleviates pain, discomfort and stress to those who suffer from persistent issues; such as arthritis, headaches, neck and lower back muscular tension, anxiety issues, addictive troubles, depression and lethargy.  Her objective is to foster integration of the mind, body, and heart for complete and balanced wellness.

Heal thy self through self-care of massage.

Intuitive Movement Integration Education

This innovative dance movement therapy uses the wisdom of the body to access the power of intuition with a celebration of all that you are.

Join in the discussion at an upcoming educational lecture or class.