through body-awareness.

Empowering Wellness

"Knowledge is power." - Thomas Jefferson

Movement benefits all systems of the body, as it was designed to, but when the mind shuts the body down, illness begins.  How does one get moving when their is such strong resistance to it?

The integrative approach to wellness is a win-win-win for all aspects of you, your world, and the world at large. Wins for the body, mind, heart, also, Integrative Health brings awareness and "wins' to the self, our relations and humanity itself. Healthy people understand that self-care is vital to all aspects of their wellness. To fully integrate as an individual is then, bringing balance to this earth (think less consumption, more satisfaction).

Your community, group, or team will feel better fast with our services; boosting mood, satisfaction, productivity, and lowering stress levels dramatically. Empower your community, group or team to true wellness, including profound stress reduction and long-term stress management.

Our multi-faceted approach is a powerful and effective gateway to health and wellness with impressive accessibility and ease.

A unique and straight-forward somatic technique, the Intuitive Movement Integration Training Method, is designed to be easily learned and practiced solo at home or anywhere. Learn more about the IMI method in the Education tab. 



“The class was amazing. Good to know there is a class for all shapes of people to participate in. Had a blast.” - Janine B

"I truly enjoyed every second (of her massage) and am left yearning for more. It felt as if my unspoken desires were being received by Lisa and her hands intuitively and gratefully obliged! I am so grateful to be able to experience her precious gift! I look forward to my next session!" -Colleen F.

The gateway to wellness begins here.

Managing stress is critical, it's now proven that unresolved stress is the main source of more than 80% of all diseases.

All too often, people put their own needs to the back burner, and then are surprised to feel exhausted, depleted or sick. Productivity is made or broken with how much people care for themselves as they care about everything else. 

Self-care is self-preserving, and vital to a happy, satisfying career and life. And that's the bottom-line. 

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Upcoming Public Events:

Upcoming Events

August 8, 2020

Wisdom House in Litchfield

Workshop: How Posture, Body Mechanics and Integrative Health


Integrative Bodywork

Immediate Stress Relief

Massage moves stuck energy with the help of the circulatory system. Massage brings awareness to what is "going on" in the body. Once people begin to notice, people begin to care.  Caring leads to better health and wellness.

Lisa Lent is skilled and experienced in relieving chronic neck, lower back, and hip pain and muscular tension, migraines and tension headaches. Her therapeutic massage instantly reduces stress and anxiety, and alleviates chronic muscular pain.

Communication is key. No "automaton" massages are given here. This massage therapist really listens when people explain their issues and needs.

Personal massage treatments are available at The Ruby Tree in Woodbury. Click on the Massage tab for more personal massage information and pricing. 

Our corporate wellness packages alleviate your group or team's stress and tension, boosting morale, and productivity from a renewed sense of wellness. This is a table top treatment, 10-30 minutes per person, customized by group size and preference. 

Group massage packages include a Posture Empowerment Workshop Luncheon for your staff. See our Education tab for more information.

Integrative Empowerment

  • Innovative & Effortless Low-Impact Fitness Method
  • Customized Stretching Classes
  • Group and Individual Posture & Body Mechanics Training

Gently improve posture, flexibility, and overall vitality without any pain. Our classes, training, and workshops are packed with simple, straight-forward information to help you and your group dramatically improve life quality through powerful alignment awareness and proven-effective techniques.

Integrating healthy habits into work-life is easy as a well placed sticky note!  Click the Education tab for more information.

Comprehensive Wellness

We are All Works In Progress

Integrative health education is social, relational, mental, emotional, and physical wellness in harmony.

The body is designed to heal itself, and knowledge is power.  

Lisa Lent  has the practical experience, education and training to support your integrative wellness goals effortlessly.

Our impact is in our effortless approach; compassionate, realistic expectations towards stress-reduction and retraining the nervous system and muscle-memory for lifestyle realignment. 

Lisa Lent, LMT, GFI, CNC

Lisa teaches and demonstrates integrative wellness through her massage treatments, her workshops, and somatic fitness classes. Her somatic fitness method and body-awareness education, strengthens and tones the intuitive instinct to inspire self-care and self-preservation.  Lisa's message is to support people to tune-in and put themselves first. She serves to reveal that in this life of yours, how you feel actually matters most of all. 


The Body Speaks, Listen.