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The Body Speaks, Listen


You can not give from an empty cup, and you deserve the love, care and attention you give so freely to everyone else.

Observe what happens when you empower yourself with kindness, instead of beating yourself up with harsh expectations.

All too often, people put their own needs to the back burner, and then are surprised to feel exhausted, depleted or sick. Growth happens when we learn the balance between giving to others and giving to self.

This is self-care. You deserve it, yes really.

Self-care is self-preserving and critical to manage your pain and stress to live a happier, satisfying, and longer life.

In today's world, it's all too easy to be distracted away from how we feel and ignore important pain signals from our bodies. However, pain is a powerful message from the body, telling you to pay attention and tune in.

Stress-management is very relevant now. And for understandable reasons. Managing stress is critical, it's now proven that unresolved stress is the main source of more than 80% of all diseases. It's time to handle this epidemic, one person at a time; restoring balance and sanity.


Lisa Lent, LMT, GFI is a holistic health advocate and educator, a multi-faceted therapeutic body worker. Both her quality massage and educational movement classes are specially focused to alleviate stress, and manage chronic pain for those who suffer from chronic stress-related issues such as arthritis, headaches, neck and lower back muscular tension, anxiety, addictions, depression and lethargy.


From clients who have received her therapeutic massage:

“Lisa has the ability to find the spots that need to be worked on and she knows what to do with what’s there.  She understands the energetic field. My body’s response to her massages last for days after the treatment.”  -Bill W.

"Lisa's massages are phenomenal.  She really listens to your body and focuses on the problem areas while still making sure you get a balanced massage.  Afterward I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated. I'm so lucky to have found her.”  - Michele R.M.

"Lisa  finds those spots that ache... That's her gift." - Carolan D.